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Samsung WA62H4200HB Washing Machine Review

Samsung WA62H4200HB Washing Machine Review

 Samsung WA62H4200HB Washing Machine ReviewSamsung has been an industry leader when it comes to washing machines. So much so that many of the features that it has incorporated in the earlier models have now become industry standards. The washing machine segment is otherwise a very competitive one and Samsung has managed to stay on the top with its robust designs and constant innovations that make their products superior and value for money. Keeping in mind their innovative technology and comprehensive designs that deliver the best results, the Samsung WA62H4200HB is a game changer! It is one of the few washing machines that amalgamate simplicity and technology and make it worthy buy for the consumer. Read along for a detailed and comprehensive Samsung WA62H4200HB review.

Samsung WA62H4200HB/TL Fully Automatic Washing Machine (6.2 kg)

by Samsung [Samsung]
Rank/Rating: 187917/-
Price: INR 19,600.00

Last Updated via Amazon: 2018-08-14 21:50:33

Overall Impression:

Capacity and Design:

This is a 6.2 kg capacity, fully automatic, top loading machine that is incorporated with the Wobble Technology that maintains the fabric of clothes while eliminating dirt more effectively. It also comes with the 3D Dynamic Wash system that makes it extremely energy efficient and also drastically reduces water consumption. The Wobble Pulsator attached, produces multi-directional strong water currents which make sure your clothes get an amazing wash! The Air Turbo Drying System assists in instant drying for your clothes. The machine also comes loaded with a host of functional facilities like the Diamond Drum, Fuzzy Logic Control, Quick Wash and Eco Tub Clean. All this in a rust proof body that comes with a two-year warranty.


This powerful machine has a large capacity of 6.2 kgs so using it for larger families where the number of clothes is more or even for larger, bulkier things like bedsheets, curtains and blankets makes it very easy. The machine is very easy to operate and come with the button panel on the top which is raised for easy access. It comes with the standard Power, Start//Pause, Wash, Rinse and Spin buttons and a small LED that displays the time remaining. There are 6 wash cycles to choose from: Fuzzy (this selects the best washing program automatically), Quick (best for a quick wash for light and less stained laundry), Soak (this performs a soak wash), Jeans (gives your laundry a thorough wash), Blanket (for big volume laundry like blankets & curtains) and Delicate (for delicate laundry like sweaters and cardigans) and all the cycles come in as individual buttons on the panel.


Final Thoughts:

Overall this machine is a total value for money buy for anyone who needs a functional and superlative washing machine that definitely delivers sparkling clean clothes and saves time, energy and water. It is packed with features and technology that make it simple yet powerful to use and achieve the best results with the least of efforts. It comes among the contenders for the top position in its category of fully automatic top loading washing machines. The Samsung WA62H4200HB is a total package in terms of the design, technology, functionality and value for money.

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