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MarQ by Flipkart 7.5 kg Washing Machine Review

MarQ by Flipkart 7.5 kg Washing Machine Review

MarQ by Flipkart 7.5 kg Washing Machine






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  • Powerful Motor
  • 15 Wash Programs
  • Antimicrobial Wash
  • Express Washing


  • No Wheel Support
  • Limited Warranty Coverage

MarQ by Flipkart 7.5 kg Washing Machine Review

MarQ is a daughter company of Flipkart, specializing on selling household appliances. It entered the market, in 2017, with microwave owens, followed by TV sets and washing machines. The products boast high quality performance and give the customers advanced features provided by the latest technology progress. The appliances are sold at a price lower by 20% comparing with other devices of the same kind. Thus, Flipkart tends to give a convenient platform for average Indians, to buy household necessities on a budget. Also, MarQ intends to provide consulting and maintenance services for the purchased items. All these features made it good enough to be added to our list of the best front loading washing machines in India.

MarQ by Flipkart 7.5 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine is a brand-new product, with a cutting-edge design and top performance features. The latest technology innovations are embedded in this new washing machine: including 15 wash programs, express wash function, interactive digital display, and antimicrobial laundry. In this review the customers are going to get known with the other high-end features, present in the washing device, its pros and cons, design description and portability.


– Powerful Motor: The washing machine is equipped with a powerful motor, generating 12000 RPM. It ensures the removal of stains of any toughness, and reduces the drying time.

-7.5 kg Washing Capacity: The large capacity allows washing a big amount of clothes at the same time. It accounts for a family of 4.

– 15 Wash Programs: The machine has an interactive and intelligent laundry system. It allows for 15 wash programs to be activated, depending on the cloth type.

– Energy Efficient: The appliance ensures lower costs on utilities, saving energy, by requiring less time for washing.

– Antimicrobial Wash: The machine uses a hot wash function that keeps dangerous microbes away, and ensures a healthy life for the family.

– Express Washing: The appliance can wash the dirty clothes in as soon as 18 minutes.


– No Wheel Support: The washing machine is supported by static installations. It lacks wheels, which excludes the chance of being easily moved around the house.

– Limited Warranty Coverage: The warranty policy covers many points, except the normal wear and tear damage and the damage caused by the customer during the installation.

MarQ by Flipkart 7.5 kg Washing Machine Review

Size and Design:

The washing machine is white. It is comparably imposing in size, having a weight of 60 kg, 595 mm in width, 845 mm in height, and 495 mm in depth. It has a black door, having 310 mm in width, and a child lock. The machine has a convenient digital display, and a selection of buttons, including: child lock, temperature, timer, memory backup and wrinkle prevention. Next to the display is a handy knob, allowing to choose the wash program. The device has a type D outlet.

Performance Review:

MarQ by Flipkart 7.5 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine has a powerful motor that increases by 25 % the speed of rotation. In this way, the clothes are washed faster, and get rid of the stains easier. The motor is made of highly durable copper, which ensures a long-lasting performance. The device consumes 2500 watts and 59 L of water, and has a power requirement of 220 V.

The washing process can be adapted to 15 different modes. The machine adjusts to the washing requirements of each fabric to provide a quality, damage-free stain removal. You can choose between: silk, synthetic, cotton, color, wool, underwear, and kidswear. Also, there are additional modes to make the laundry as productive as possible, such as: Spin, Rinse and Spin, Drum Clean, and Hot Wash. The Delay Wash feature allows you to have the machine start the washing by itself, when your are away for work or sleep.

The washing machine is equipped with an in-built water heater that ensures a quick and efficient heating of the water, and requires less energy. Thus, the appliance is energy-efficent and eco-friendly, helping reduce costs for utilities. Also, it boasts an auto-balance function. It ensures that the load of the clothes is ditributed evenly. This prevents any malfuntion and damage of the machine.

The self-tub cleaning function allows for the tub to use by itself hot water to remove any debris or detergent from the previous wash. Another important feature is the antimicrobial wash. This makes sure that all microbes from the water and fabric are killed, allowing for a healthy and harmless cleaning.


On the whole, MarQ 7.5 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine is a full-fledged, top performing device that will help you wash your clothes with minimum effort and maximum effect. The machine is spacious enough to wash at once, clothes of a 4-member family, having a powerful motor, speeding up the stain removal, and saving a lot of energy for utility bills. Go bold and buy this fascinating appliance to get the best laundry experience in your life.

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